How to Put Your Employee Tuition Benefits to Use with LSU Online & Continuing Education

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In today’s competitive workforce, many employees are searching for ways to stand out at their companies. One way to do this is by going back to school to expand your skill set. Don’t leave money on the table—use your employer-sponsored tuition benefit programs to get the new skills you need quickly. Through these programs, you can earn a new certificate, add value to your company, and support your career advancement-- at low or no cost to you. 

Use Tuition Benefits to Support Your Career Growth

If you’re seeking new skills or career mobility, LSU Online & Continuing Education’s programs are designed just for you. You can use your tuition benefits toward an online certificate program and start moving your career forward without breaking the bank!  
These programs are specially made for working students who have to juggle many life responsibilities. Complete coursework on your schedule and gain knowledge that can be used in your workplace right away. 
But don’t just take it from us! See how these working students used their tuition benefits to help improve their career outlook:

Benny Duron – Target, Project Management Certificate

After 27 years working at Target, Benny took advantage of his company‘s tuition benefit program, Dream to Be through Target’s partnership with Guild Education. Even though he had been out of school for many years, he resolved to earn a Project Management Certificate through LSU Online & Continuing Education. Now, he has leveraged his new knowledge to advance his career in supply chain and logistics. Benny also wants to inspire his younger co-workers to utilize their educational benefits.

He says, “I talked with my coach about what I wanted to do, then I saw that LSU had an outstanding certificate program. I knew it was the right fit for me. I get to take courses at my own pace. I get that piece of paper on the wall showing that I’m learning even if I don’t have a four-year education yet.”

Elizabeth CarsonTarget, Accounting: Fundamentals Specialist Certificate

Elizabeth was looking for a way to upskill and earn new credentials as a 22-year Target team member. She realized a certificate from LSU Online & Continuing Education, offered through Target’s partnership with Guild, would fit into her schedule more effortlessly than a 4-year degree. She enrolled in the Accounting: Fundamentals Specialist Certificate and was able to gain valuable knowledge, keep her skills sharp, and add value to her team.

She says, “A certificate program won't take as long. And it’ll give me additional knowledge I can use day-to-day!" During her journey, she has inspired her two adult children, also employed at Target, to enroll in programs, too!

Vanessa Oros - Sunrun, Project Management Certificate

Vanessa was looking for a way to gain new skills that would help her advance on her career path from project coordinator into project manager. When her employer, Sunrun launched their new education program PowerU in partnership with Guild, Vanessa took the opportunity to enroll in the Project Management Certificate offered by LSU Online & Continuing Education.

As a busy working professional and a mom of three, she aims to serve as an example to her children. "I want to show them that it is never too late," she says. It's always the right time to pursue your dreams!

Enroll in a Flexible Online Certificate Program from LSU Online & Continuing Education

LSU Online & Continuing Education offers flexible, online programs that can be completed on your own time. Many courses are open enrollment and self-paced, which means you can start enrolling when you're ready and learn at your own pace.

Are you concerned about how quickly you’ll see the value of your program? Students often report being able to use the new knowledge they’ve gained almost immediately. See for yourself! Use your tuition benefits and enroll in a certificate program today.

Unsure whether your company offers tuition benefits? Get in touch with our partnerships team to find out!

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