LSU and Fullstack Academy Launch Product Management Program

LSU and Fullstack Academy Launch Product Management Program photo

New live-online program teaches the skills needed to fill the over 10,000 product management jobs available in Baton Rouge

NEW YORK – National tech education provider Fullstack Academy and Louisiana State University (LSU) today announced the launch of a new product management bootcamp program. The curriculum is designed to train professionals on the skills needed to fill over 10,000 product management jobs in the Baton Rouge metro area in just 25 weeks.

“We are in the midst of product management’s ‘Golden Age.’ It’s one of the fastest-growing areas in business today, with the increase in demand for product management jobs outpacing the increase in job demand across all industries in the U.S. by 500%,” said Jerrad Tausz, CEO of Fullstack Academy. “Modern product management is transforming industries as organizations recognize the need for professionals who know the product inside out and understand the needs of its audience as well as how both may evolve over time.”

The product management industry in Baton Rouge is projected to grow 4.5% over the next decade, driving the average entry-level salary of $88,600, according to Emsi Burning Glass.


“The curriculum for the Product Management Bootcamp was developed by a dynamic team of nearly a dozen industry experts with professional experience at some of the top tech organizations and educational institutions. They’ve designed some of the most modern, robust tech-focused curricula on the market,” said Bryan Kind, vice president of academics at Fullstack Academy. “The LSU Product Management Bootcamp caters to early career professionals, upskillers, or those looking to pursue product management as a new career path. The curriculum focuses on job preparedness and practicing product management skills in real-life, authentic scenarios, versus a heavy focus on reading, writing, and dissecting case studies.”

The team behind the new curriculum development is composed of professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds, including a civil engineer, product manager, product entrepreneur, professor of product innovation, computer science educator, and product lead at Amazon, as well as several educational technology professionals.

The Louisiana State University Product Management Bootcamp powered by Fullstack Academy is an immersive, collaborative, cohort-based live-online bootcamp. The 25-week program consists of five courses: one 12-week essentials course and four three-week specialized courses, with one break week.

Over the first 12 weeks, students will build essential knowledge and skills grounded in the product life cycle, market analysis, product planning, product analytics, and product strategy. In the second half of the program, students will explore tangible, specialized topics in product management, including UX/UI research, product design, marketing, and software development.

Registration is now open for the live-online LSU Product Management Bootcamp, which will commence in October 2022. University enrollment is not required.

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