Maintain your PMP certification with LSU’s Professional Development Courses

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LSU Online & Continuing Education (LSU OCE) is now an Authorized Training Partner of the Project Management Institute (PMI). As an Authorized Training Partner, we offer a pre-approved set of training courses to help PMI professionals maintain their active status for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Project Management Professional (PMP) credential holders are considered experts in project management, as demonstrated by their ability to meet the exam and maintenance requirements. With the proper preparation, this credential can be a valuable resource for professionals looking to increase their industry knowledge and career opportunities.

The PMP certification requirements and exam are often regarded as the most demanding part of becoming a certified project manager. However, PMP credential holders should understand that this is only the beginning. Maintaining the PMP status through acquiring PDUs is a process that starts as soon as the PMP exam is completed.

What are PDUs?

Professional Development Units, or PDUs, are one-hour blocks of time that credential holders spend developing themselves through receiving education, teaching, or volunteering. In each certification cycle, PDUs are necessary to maintain PMP status with the PMI. Re-certification cycles consist of a three-year period in which professionals should focus on building the skills needed to be effective project managers.

For PDUs to count toward PMP maintenance requirements, the activities must be approved by PMI. According to Project Management Institute, there are two main ways to earn PDUs:

  • Education – Education PDUs help professionals remain updated on industry news and developments. Certification holders may also explore various areas of project management that are particularly interesting to them. These PDUs are earned by taking courses, self-study, and attending conferences or seminars.
  • Giving Back to the Profession – Another way to earn PDUs involves giving back to the profession. Giving back can happen through volunteering, creating content, giving presentations, sharing knowledge, and working as a practitioner in the field.

How can I maintain PMP Certification?

To remain certified as a project management professional, credential holders must continue to earn PDUs. Re-earning the PMP certification is part of the Continuing Certification Requirement cycle. Essentially, this cycle means that professionals will need to attain 60 PDUs every three years for the rest of their careers to maintain an active PMP certification status.

What courses can I take to earn PDUs to maintain my PMP status?

When looking for courses to count as PDUs, credential holders should take the time to ensure their chosen programs are PMI-approved. LSU OCE offers several online and on-campus courses that provide eligible PDUs for PMP certification holders. Since our courses are pre-approved, professionals can self-report them with a PDU Claim Code that is unique to each pre-approved course.

Available courses include the following: 

What is PLA, and what LSU degrees can my PMP certification count toward through PLA?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) describes the process of assessing a student’s knowledge or experience gained through professional certifications or military training. This nontraditional education can be evaluated and, in some cases, exchanged for college credit. If PLA credit is awarded, students can save time and money while pursuing their degrees.

LSU Online & Continuing Education recognizes the PMP certification as college credit through the university’s Prior Learning Assessment program. Certification holders in good standing can earn three to nine credits toward the following LSU online degree programs:

Remain PMP Certified with LSU Online & Continuing Education

PMP re-certification through earning PDUs can seem daunting, but it is essential to remaining at the top of your field. With the appropriate planning, meeting the requirements can be easy. Get started taking the courses needed to maintain your PMP certification by enrolling in one of LSU OCE’s PMI pre-approved professional development courses today. If you need assistance, our Enrollment Coaches are available to help. Contact them by phone at 833-280-5634 or email at

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