How to utilize online distance learning classes for transfer credits

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Jumpstart Your Studies with Online College Credit Courses

Who can take online college credit courses? 

Our mission is outreach, to provide quality online courses at the college level to learners beyond the LSU campus. You don’t have to be enrolled at LSU to take an Online Distance Learning (ODL) course. Our courses have served students in all 50 states and many countries outside the United States.

Why do students take online college credit courses? 

Our courses provide students with a way to fill in the gaps when the course you need is unavailable at your own institution.

Common Reasons Students Enroll:

  • Trouble scheduling the course you need at another institution.
  • Earn extra course credits.
  • Retake a class to recover credit or raise your grade.
  • Pursuit of continuing education or professional development credit
  • Love of learning!

What schools accept LSU online college credit courses?

Register for a course with us and transfer the credit wherever you need it. Because LSU is an accredited, top-tier university, the credit you earn through ODL will transfer to nearly any college or university.

How long do online college credit courses take to complete?

You can register for a course at any time and complete the course at your own pace. Our courses allow you six months to complete, although you can finish much sooner—as quickly as four weeks.

How are online college credit courses different from those on campus?

Although offered fully online, these courses are the same as the courses taught in the classroom at LSU. They cover the same content, meet the same objectives and requirements—and count for the same credit.

When can I start my online college credit courses?

You can start your course the same day you enroll!

How do I register for an online college credit course?

To take a course and transfer the earned credit to your institution, here are the steps:

  1. Choose the course from our catalog.
  2. Consult your academic advisor to confirm that the course will count in your program.
  3. Sign in or create an account with LSU Continuing Education.
  4. Return to the catalog and register for the course online by clicking the course number, available section, and adding to your cart.
  5. Check your email for instructions for logging in to your course.
  6. Be sure to become familiar with our policies.
  7. Complete your course and then request a transcript from the LSU Registrar.

What if I need help registering?

No problem! We are here to help you. Assistance is available at any time from our Learner Support team.

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