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LSU launches new DevOps and Cloud skills program

BATON ROUGE - (October 23, 2020) - With today’s ever-changing IT environment, it’s now more important than ever to stay up to speed with processes to provide quality software that is always up to date. DevOps combines all of the responsibilities of a Development team and Operations team of a company to promote continuous production. LSU Online & Continuing Education recently launched the LSU DevOps Engineer Certificate program for individuals looking to learn the spectrum of skills and tools in DevOps for their next career move.

Participants of this program will learn the fundamentals of DevOps as well as specialized topics such as cloud platforms, object-oriented programming, continuous deployment, release orchestration and more. Individuals can choose to enroll in specific DevOps topics or the full certificate program. There is no application process so individuals can start the program the same day they enroll.

“LSU is on the cutting edge of modern technology education,” said David Linthicum, a cloud pioneer who teaches the program’s Introduction for DevOps and Cloud Platform courses. “This DevOps Engineer Certificate offering is one of the first of its kind that combines both tactical and strategic skills around the proper use of DevOps processes and toolchains. In this series of courses, you’ll learn not only the general concepts around DevOps, but the details including tool evaluation, deployment and testing. If you’re looking to jump-start your IT career, this is the place to start.”

Additionally, Linthicum recently published an article titled, “Cloud tech certifications count more than degrees now.”

He notes, “Education is becoming more event-driven, with a focus on current marketable skills and an understanding that learning can never stop. You’ll have to understand when it’s time to move to other growing technologies to optimize your take-home pay. Today, the market wants cloud skills.”

A student who recently completed the DevOps Cloud Platform courses that Linthicum teaches said she chose this program because of the “diverse networking environment LSU offers and the experts chosen to facilitate and lead the courses.”

She adds, “The framework of the courses allowed me to explore the applicability of the course content, and I am confident having a DevOps skill set will take my career to the next level.”

“Our mission is to develop programs to equip professionals with skills that companies and employers are looking for,” said Sasha Thackaberry, vice president at LSU Online & Continuing Education. “DevOps is an emerging field and with so few individuals who have training in DevOps, the career pool is in high demand.”

Successful completion of all courses within the program earns an official LSU digital badge that can be used to show learning competencies in a digital format. Some career outcomes for obtaining this certificate are DevOps Engineer, Project Manager, Product Owner, Architect and Developer and many more. Additionally, students who complete any DevOps program will be eligible for a job interview prep session with the Louisiana Economic Development, or LED, group.

For more information about the program or to enroll, visit for more details.

LSU is hosting a free informational webinar about the DevOps Engineer Certificate on November 5, at 12 p.m. CT. To register, visit

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