Unlock Your Post-Military Career with LSU Online's Veteran Career Advantage Course

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Moving from military to civilian life can be an exciting yet complex transition. It marks a new chapter and presents opportunities for personal growth and career advancement. 

Are you considering your next steps post-service? LSU Online & Continuing Education understands the importance of this transition. We proudly support our military veterans, active-duty personnel, spouses, and dependents with education and personalized guidance. 

Learn more about the issues service members may face after leaving the military, and explore our free online Veteran Career Advantage Course. This program is an ideal starting point for those seeking further education or a career change! 

Overcoming Challenges in Post-Military Service

Navigating life post-military service involves various challenges. Addressing them is crucial for a successful transition. Here are some common challenges and ways to overcome them:

  • Networking and finding a supportive community: After leaving the military, it can be hard to connect with civilians who may not understand what military life is like. Explore opportunities provided by various organizations for community-building and networking. Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs) can also help. These groups provide essential aid before, during, and after the transition process and offer services to ease your shift into civilian life. Services can include career support, mentorship for veteran-owned businesses, advocacy and benefits assistance, events for veterans to connect and share experiences, and more.
  • Understanding and accessing benefits: Post-military, you may have to learn how to find doctors, life insurance, and more. Completing paperwork and obtaining benefits or services from the Department of Veteran Affairs can also be difficult. Seek guidance from organizations like the National Veterans Legal Services Program for legal advocacy on veterans' benefits.
  • Preparing to enter the workforce: Job searching requires new skills you need to learn and master. The LSU Veteran Career Advantage Course can help you identify and leverage military skills. You can also leverage resources from organizations like Hire Heroes USA for personalized career coaching and job search assistance.

About the Veteran Career Advantage Course

Military service instills valuable skills that can be helpful in civilian employment. From leadership and adaptability to problem-solving and teamwork, veterans possess a unique skill set sought after in various industries. 

LSU’s online Veteran Career Advantage Course is a free four-hour program that focuses on helping former service members identify and leverage their skills in the civilian job market. The curriculum covers essential aspects of post-military career planning, including resume writing, interview techniques, networking strategies, and more. Each module provides in-depth guidance that empowers veterans to move into a civilian career.

What Will You Learn?

  • Establish career development priorities and job search strategies.
  • Identify key skill areas from military service to apply to the civilian job market.
  • Craft a compelling personal brand and harness the power of social media in job hunting.
  • Master networking strategies for veterans.
  • Learn to create resumes, translate military achievements into civilian-friendly language, and write cover letters.
  • Discover further career development and entrepreneurial education opportunities.
  • Acquire skills to effectively manage career transitions and adapt to change.
  • Gain insights and tips directly from other veterans.

Begin Your Civilian Journey with LSU Online

As you plan your move into civilian life and explore new career opportunities, LSU Online & Continuing Education is here to provide the tools, support, and expertise needed to make your journey a rewarding experience.

We offer a diverse portfolio of high-quality, affordable programs for your post-military career goals. Explore LSU’s diverse range of online degree offerings or discover tailored support for military students. You can also check out LSU's Department of Veterans Affairs and the William A. Brookshire Military and Veterans Student Center

Ready to get started? Register for the free online Veteran Career Advantage course today and take the first step toward a successful civilian career.

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