Master the Virtual Classroom: 6 Tips for Online Course Success! 

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Online learning has emerged as a convenient, flexible option for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Whether you are a working adult looking for professional development or pursuing a new degree or certificate, online courses offer a practical opportunity for growth and career advancement. 

LSU Online & Continuing Education provides access to online course materials through Moodle, an online Learning Management System (LMS). Through this platform, we aim to make virtual learning as simple as possible. However, many students still struggle to understand how to succeed in a virtual learning environment.

If this sounds like you, we have you covered! Here are six tips to help you thrive in online courses. 

6 Tips for Success in Online Courses

1. Establish a Structured Schedule

To effectively manage your time, create a structured schedule that dedicates specific blocks of time each week to your coursework. Treat these study times as non-negotiable appointments, ensuring you allocate sufficient time to engage with the course materials and complete assignments. By proactively managing your time, you can stay organized in your studies and make it easier to stay committed.

2. Connect with Other Online Learners

Despite the lack of physical classrooms, online courses provide ample opportunities to connect with other students. Engage in virtual discussions, participate in online forums, and join a study group related to your class. Actively interacting with your peers fosters a sense of community, enhances the learning experience, and provides a support network. Collaboration on group projects can broaden your perspectives and expand your professional network. This connection can make a significant difference in your educational journey. 

3. Build Self-Motivation & Time Management Skills

Maintaining motivation and cultivating time management skills in an online learning environment can be challenging without immediate accountability. However, you can do several things to help yourself stay motivated. Set clear goals for yourself and limit distractions. Celebrate small achievements and practice self-care. Find what inspires you to keep going, whether it's visualizing your professional growth or envisioning the rewards of acquiring an education.

4. Seek Support When Necessary

When you take online courses through us, you are not alone. Don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance whenever you encounter difficulties or have questions during your online class. Our instructors and faculty are here for you. Take advantage of discussion boards, virtual office hours, or email communication to engage with your instructors and ask for help. Additionally, LSU OCE provides access to a dedicated student support team to assist you throughout your educational journey. 

5. Take Advantage of the Available Resources

One way to aim for success in your online course is to make the most of the materials offered by your instructors and LSU OCE. Access coursework, lecture notes, and supplementary information regularly to reinforce your understanding. You should also explore all the online resources offered to you. Each institution that LSU Online & Continuing Education supports provides a wide variety of resources for all learners. 

6. Free Trial Courses

If you want a sample of the programs available through LSU OCE, sign up for our free online preview courses, also known as Geaux for Free courses. These no-cost, 100% online course previews are self-paced and cover popular topics like project management, agile, team management, DevOps, and more! Enrolling in a Geaux for Free course allows you to experience what it's like to take online classes through LSU OCE without committing to a program.

Experience Flexible Learning with LSU Online & Continuing Education 
Online courses provide a flexible and accessible way for students to further their education and career prospects. By implementing the tips mentioned above, you will be well-equipped to succeed in your distance learning journey. 

Ready to get started? LSU Online & Continuing Education provides access to a wide range of online professional development certificates to help you gain the skills to advance in your career. Take the first step toward achieving your academic and professional goals-- explore our course offerings today!  

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