LSU Online & Continuing Education Partners with Raising Cane's to Empower Professional Growth

LSUOCE - Raising Canes partnership

Since 2021, Raising Cane’s has partnered with LSU Online & Continuing Education to offer employees an opportunity to further their education. The company currently provides tuition reimbursement for several online degrees and certificates from the LSU family of institutions across Louisiana. Through LSU Online & Continuing Education, employees can reach their educational goals and advance their careers at the same university where the first Raising Cane’s restaurant, “The Mothership,” was hatched—at the North Gates of Louisiana State University. From its inception, this partnership has empowered Raising Cane's employees from across the organization to better their lives through education. We share the experience of one employee who has taken advantage of this educational opportunity at LSU.

Logan's Journey of Professional Development

Logan Beam, an Area Leader of Marketing at Raising Cane’s, desired to become a better leader and enhance his time management skills which led him to pursue the Management and Leadership Series Microcert offered through LSU Online & Continuing Education. Through this professional development program, Logan gained valuable insights into effective leadership strategies and learned how to prioritize tasks to achieve broader goals.

When asked what lessons he learned to utilize in his day-to-day role right away, he shared advice from the course instructor. “Dr. Stallings talked about creating a ‘Don’t’ list. For example, if you are striving to achieve new partnerships or more community activations and you find yourself doing something that is not supporting the vision and your goal, determine how to identify a list of things not to do so you can focus on bigger and broader goals we aspire to each day.”

One teachable moment from Dr. Stallings was when she advised that “A leader sometimes needs to look back to see who is following.” Logan also shared that he looked forward to his professor’s feedback on every capstone assignment and that it inspired him to take steps toward the career goals he wrote down in the course.

Balancing Work and Education

One common concern among working adults is managing the demands of pursuing education while juggling work and other responsibilities. Through the Management and Leadership Series Microcert, Logan discovered practical ways to balance work with education. He said, “My suggestion for any leader who’s thinking about taking on more education is to challenge yourself to optimize your time. Set time aside for your studies and know going into your program what time you will dedicate towards it.”

By proactively creating a schedule and allocating dedicated time for your studies in advance, students discover that it becomes significantly easier to manage the workload, increasing their chances of being successful. Additionally, it's crucial to maintain a clear focus on your goals and remember the reasons that motivated you to start in the first place.

LSU Online & Continuing Education Support

The LSU Online & Continuing Education team wants to see all their students succeed, and Logan was no different. “The support team at LSU Online & Continuing Education was amazing to work with. From the first days of registering and navigating the process, Abigail Theriot, the program coordinator, was amazing to work with and very responsive. She was always there to help me with the paperwork that needed to be submitted to my employer.”

He also explained another LSU Online & Continuing Education team member who made the process a bit easier for him. “Victoria Terry, my Student Success Coach, was amazing to work with and showed me the roadmap to success. This was an amazing experience that I am grateful for.”

A Journey to Cane's Country

As a business unit leader at Raising Cane's, Logan had the opportunity to visit LSU’s campus in Baton Rouge and the first Raising Cane’s restaurant. He immersed himself in the culture where Raising Cane's originated and was inspired to pursue education with LSU Online & Continuing Education. The experience offered a deeper understanding of the unique traditions and community impact of both LSU and Raising Cane’s.

Logan shared that during their victorious 2023 NCAA National Championship season, the LSU Women's Basketball team chose Raising Cane's as their team meal last year. They celebrated their historic win with an appearance at the original Raising Cane’s on Highland Road in Baton Rouge serving chicken fingers and greeting Tiger fans. Community partnerships and active community involvement like this are how Raising Cane’s gives back to local organizations and causes.

Logan is grateful for the opportunities he has been given and the transformative experiences that have shaped him as a leader. His journey showcases the power of hard work, perseverance, and the support of a company like Raising Cane's in accelerating personal, professional, and educational growth.

If you are considering advancing your career with an online program offered through LSU Online & Continuing Education, browse the professional development options to see the available courses and certificate programs.

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