Refunds and Cancellations

After registering for a course, if your plans change, you must cancel 5 business days prior to the first day of class in order to receive a full refund or transfer to another course. Requests must be in writing and submitted by email to olli@outreach.lsu.edu. If you cancel in less than 5 business days, no refunds will be granted, however you can have a one-time transfer of funds to another current course. There are no penalties for substitutions prior to the first day of class. Credits can not be applied to a future class.

Also, as a reminder, there are no refunds for membership fees once received.


Inclement Weather and Class Cancellations

We sometimes have bad weather during the semesters and a class session needs to be canceled. In addition to following LSU closers, we will follow the St. Tammany Parish School System for the Camellia City Chapter, EBR Parish School System for Lagniappe Chapter, and the WFP School System for the Felicianas Chapter cancellations during the fall and spring semesters. Since schools are not in session during the summer, we follow LSU’s closing announcements (check online: www.lsu.edu).


Photograph Policy

We often take pictures of OLLI participants and instructors for use in our print and electronic publications. If you do not want us to use your photograph, please notify the photographer at the event.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why become a member of OLLI at LSU?

OLLI at LSU is a diverse community of adult learners engaged in courses and activities that help one to enjoy life more. OLLI at LSU inspires its members to stay intellectually and physically active through its many opportunities for lifelong learning, health and well-being, personal connection, creativity and enjoyment.


How do I learn about member activities or course changes?

We communicate to the membership through a weekly e-mail called OLLI NEWS with details of upcoming events; the semester Course Bulletin; special mailed flyers; and the OLLI at LSU website.


Can I volunteer?

Of course! We welcome participation by all members. We believe the more people are involved in shaping OLLI at LSU, the better quality our programming and services will be. Whether you like to decide what courses should be offered, who the instructor should be, serve on an advisory council or committee, help with hospitality and refreshments, answer the phone, serve as a greeter, act as a course coordinator, tech coordinator, or help in the OLLI at LSU office, you are needed. Together, we can help make OLLI at LSU extra special!

Please give us a call at 225-578-2500, or send an e-mail to olli@outreach.lsu.edu. We’ll try to match your interests so it will be more fun for you.


Who are the instructors?

Instructors are LSU professors (many retired) and/or local experts in their respective fields from throughout the southern Louisiana area. Many of our members serve as instructors and course coordinators.


How do I sign up to be a Course Coordinator?

You can email the OLLI at LSU office at olli@outreach.lsu.edu.edu, or talk to a member of a chapter Curriculum Committee, your instructor, or a course coordinator and offer to become a course coordinator assistant. This is a great way to become involved.


How can I make suggestions to improve the program?

OLLI at LSU courses and events are member-advised. This means the activities, courses and procedures are primarily directed by the members. If you have ideas for improving the program, talk to the Program Manager, any Advisory Council member, or committee member. With your help, OLLI at LSU can only get better. We need your ideas!


Can I invite a guest?

Of course! Guests are encouraged to attend the Coffees being offered by any chapter. Enrich friendships together at OLLI at LSU!


How do I renew my membership?

OLLI at LSU Annual Membership runs July 1st through June 30th. The annual membership fee is $50. You can renew your membership by phone or online with a credit or debit card.

Phone: Call Enrollment Services at 225-578-2500 to renew your membership over the phone with a credit or debit card.

Online: Go to our registration page to pay with a credit card.

Please note: to register for membership or OLLI at LSU courses online, you must create an online account. If you think you already have an account, please contact Enrollment Services (225-578-2500) for assistance. Enrollment Services can retrieve your online login information.

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