Tuition and fees cover only enrollment in the course. Tuition and fees do not include the cost of textbooks, fees for exam proctoring, or any other additional expenses. Students must purchase textbooks separately for each course. Some courses have additional fees to cover supplemental media that must be purchased directly from ODL. Supplemental fees are indicated on the course fact sheet and will be added during the online enrollment process.

Table of tuition and fees

Academic Excellence Fee

These funds are used to promote academic excellence by enhancing instructional programs.

Operational Fee

During the 2004 Regular Session, the Louisiana Legislature passed House Bill 1062 authorizing the LSU Board of Supervisors to assess an operational fee of up to 4 percent of the total mandatory tuition and fees. The operational fee is used to cover state mandated costs and enhance instructional programs at the University.

Building Use Fee

This fee is used to help construct, acquire, repair, maintain, operate, or improve the facilities and physical infrastructure of the University. In the case of the Distance Learning Programs, the fee provides funding to maintain, operate, repair and improve the facilities and infrastructure used by our staff.

Student Excellence Fee

The purpose of this fee is to enhance the LSU student learning experience. The fee revenues are used to increase instructional and student support services as part of LSU’s graduation and retention efforts. The majority of the funds are allocated to academic colleges, with the remainder allocated to student support functions such as the Center for Academic Success, LSU Libraries, mental health counseling, and campus safety.

Other Fees

Students are responsible for fees charged for exam proctoring services as well as cost of textbooks and other required course materials. All exams must be taken through the online service specified in the course syllabus. Currently, services are provided by ProctorU or Examity.

Under some circumstances, a two-month extension is available for course completion. The extension fee is $75. Requirements to qualify and additional information on extensions is provided in the course.


ODL students should refer to the individual course syllabus posted in Moodle to determine what textbooks or other resources are required for a course. The syllabus provides specific information on the required resources for the course.

Most required textbooks can be purchased from any retailer of college textbooks. A few courses specify special third-party resources or custom packages that must be purchase from a specific vendor. In such cases, a link or ordering instructions are provided in the syllabus. If no special ordering instructions are provided, students may order from the retailer of their choice.

Book Vendors

ODL is not affiliated with any of these companies. We cannot guarantee their services. Before you buy or sell books through one of these companies, carefully read the information on its website. If you do not understand the company’s policies, contact the company before you proceed. If you have problems with or questions about your transaction, refer to the company’s website and policies, and contact the company directly.

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