LSU Online & Continuing Education offers digital badges as a verified and meaningful way to showcase specific criteria, knowledge, or skills online. These badges enhance credibility, provide a standardized assessment for employers, and can be easily shared online.

Upon completion of your online certificate program, you will receive a digital badge distributed through Canvas Credentials (previously known as Badgr). This badge is a powerful tool to enhance an online résumé or personal website, enabling individuals to visually showcase their qualifications and skills to potential employers.



I am interested in earning a digital badge.

A digital badge is a verified and meaningful way to showcase a specific set of criteria, knowledge, or skills in a format that can be readily shared online. LSU’s digital badges stand for quality and earning a digital badge from LSU conveys the caliber of the learner.

Digital badges are gaining recognition and traction because they are secure and verifiable. A key benefit of a digital badge is that it displays verified skills and expertise, which makes it easier for employers to verify credentials. Badges also offer learners a way to differentiate themselves from others in the job market and is a convenient way to digitally store and share certifications and experiences online.

LSU Continuing Education offers a range of programs that include credit-bearing and non-credit offerings. Credits earned for courses included in the MicroCred for College Credit programs will automatically post to an LSU transcript. Learners who complete Professional Development certificates earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and may qualify as prior learning experience to earn credit toward an LSU Online degree. 

Visit the LSU Online & Continuing Education Canvas Credentials page to explore our badge programs and pathways. As learners complete courses in a badge-earning program, they will be able to see their progress on the pathway.

LSU programs are designed for professionals looking to advance their knowledge and skills in a particular area of focus for career growth or skills enrichment. You do not have to be admitted to LSU to enroll in these programs. Registration is open to everyone. Learners will automatically earn a digital badge upon successful completion of badge-eligible course or program.

Visit the LSU Online & Continuing Education Canvas Credentials page to explore our badge programs and pathways.

Badge-earning programs are offered in one of two formats: self-paced or term-based. If you enroll in a self-paced program, you can immediately enroll and begin your courses the same day. If you are enrolling into a term-based MicroCred, you can enroll in the program at any point; however, you cannot begin your first course until the next term start date.

I am currently working on a digital badge.

Time to complete programs varies. For more information on the timeframe to completion for each specific program, please visit our Certificates/MicroCreds page.

Congratulations on completing your first course! To continue on to the next course in your program, you need to add your next course. To complete this process, please visit your student portal through the registration system.

  • Under your profile, in "Certificates & MicroCreds,"
  • Select your certificate, then "Show next available course sections." ?
  • Check the box next to your next course and checkout.

A course may count toward multiple badge-earning programs. So, while you complete courses for one program, you can start building credits for another. Additionally, LSU Online & Continuing Education offers fully stackable pathways in specific online concentrations, such as construction management and accounting, where learners can begin their education journey from a badge-earning program through to a graduate degree. 

You can contact our learner support team at or 833-280-5634 if you have any questions about your program or earning your digital badge. 

I have completed my digital badge program.

When you have earned a digital badge, you will receive an email from Canvas Credentials. You will also find your badge in your Canvas Credentials Backpack.

Note: Your badge will be sent to the email associated with your LSU Continuing Education Moodle account. 

Kudos on accomplishing your goal! Once you receive confirmation from Canvas Credentials, you can display your badge directly in your LinkedIn Certifications and make your achievement a permanent part of your professional profile or you can add to your feed.

Visit?the Sharing Badges guide for more information on displaying your digital badge. 

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