Become a subject matter expert in your field or explore new topics with an LSU professional certificate or MicroCred for college credit. These 100% online programs are designed for today's professionals to quickly gain job-specific skills in an affordable and convenient format. Programs are either self-paced or term-based, consist of two to six courses, and reward you with a digital badge upon completion.

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Upon completion of your online program, you will receive a unique digital badge that highlights the skills you've acquired. Use the digital badge to bulk up your online résumé or website and show your qualifications.

Badge Request

Did you recently complete a program that is awarded a badge? Follow the link below to request your badge. For verification purposes, please use the same email address that you signed up for the program with. Your MicroCred® badge will be sent to this email address.

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I am interested in earning a digital badge.

You will receive a digital badge like a diploma is to a degree when you complete this online program. The badge is unique to the topic and is distributed through an official badging software with metadata encrypted to show its legitimacy and your qualifications. Additionally, some programs are credit-bearing. Courses included in the MicroCred for College Credit programs will automatically post to an LSU transcript. Credit for completed professional certificates offers opportunities to apply PLA credit toward an LSU Online degree. View LSU digital badges.

All online Professional Certificates, Professional MicroCerts, and MicroCred for College Credit award digital badges. View digital badge programs.

LSU programs are designed for professionals looking to advance their knowledge and skills in a particular area of focus for career growth or skills enrichment. You do not have to be admitted to LSU to enroll in these programs. Registration is open to everyone.

Badge-earning programs are offered in one of two formats: self-paced or term-based. If you enroll in a self-paced program, you can immediately enroll and begin your courses the same day. If you are enrolling into a term-based MicroCred, you can enroll in the program at any point; however, you cannot begin your first course until the next term start date.

I am currently working on a digital badge.

Time to complete programs varies. For more information on the timeframe to completion for each specific program, please visit our Certificates/MicroCreds page.

Congratulations on completing your first course! To add your next course, log in to your Student/Participant Account to add and begin your next course. Here is a "how-to" guide for adding a course:

A course may count toward multiple badge-earning programs. So, while you complete courses for one program, you can start building credits for another. Additionally, LSU Online offers fully stackable pathways in specific online concentrations, such as construction management and accounting, where students can begin their education journey from a badge-earning program through a graduate degree.

You can contact our learner support team if you have any questions about your program or earning your digital badge.

I have completed my digital badge program.

You can request a badge by filling out the badge request form.

Kudos on accomplishing your goal! Once you receive confirmation from Badgr, you can display your badge directly in your LinkedIn Certifications and make your achievement a permanent part of your professional profile or you can add to your feed. Here is a how-to video for displaying your digital badge:

Visit this page for more information on displaying your digital badge.