The LSU Accounting Specialist Certificate program is for individuals with a college degree who enroll in college-level accounting courses through distance learning in order to achieve career goals. LSU offers the credit accounting and business courses needed to advance your knowledge and update your skills. The certificate recognizes the completion of a significant number of additional undergraduate credits in accounting and business law that are not part of an undergraduate degree program.

LSU Certificates offer a cost-effective means to establish and publicize your knowledge, skills, and abilities in a specialization. Upon successful completion of a certificate, you will receive a digital badge from LSU Online & Continuing Education.

Our certificates are intended especially for working professionals and others who need a flexible means of taking courses and documenting the qualifications they give you. The courses in this certificate also earn you college credit, so your certificate could also start you on the path to a credit certificate or a college degree.

You may start any course for this certificate at any time. Admission to LSU is not required.

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Requirements: These online courses require access to a computer with Internet access, email, an Internet browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recommended), MS PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Format: The courses in this certificate are regular three-credit LSU courses offered through Online Distance Learning. You are allowed six months to complete each course; however, because courses are self-paced, you may complete a course in as little as four weeks. Each course includes a syllabus that explains the course requirements. The courses are completed entirely online.

LSU’s Certificate program is your opportunity to gain applicable knowledge and skills in a convenient format online. With each completion of a certificate, you will receive a digital badge to publicize your achievement in your specialization. This program is administered by LSU, but admission to the University is not required. Additionally, the courses you take can provide credit to start you on the path toward a degree or your professional goals.

For more information about this program, email or call 833-280-5634.

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LSU Accounting Specialist Certificate
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