ECON 2000 - Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 2010 - Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2030 - Economic Principles
ECON 2035 - Money, Banking and Macroeconomic Activity
ME1067 - Handling Workplace Conflict
ME1233 - Data and Human Resource Management
ME1441 - Social Media for Nonprofits
ME1491 - Emotional Intelligence for Managers
ME1512 - Negotiations: Resolving Disputes
ME1580 - Body Language for Women in Business
ME1597 - Issues Facing Women in Business
ME1599 - Leadership and Management for Women in Business
ME1601 - Communication for Women in Business
ME1602 - Work-Life Balance for Women in Business
ME1603 - Networking and Mentorship for Women in Business
ME1607 - Accounting Fundamentals for Small Businesses
ME1620 - Introduction to Small Business Management
ME1647 - Negotiation for Women in Business
ME1655 - Small Business Marketing
ME1665 - Budgeting and Financial Analysis for Small Businesses
ME1666 - Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
ME1684 - Law for Small Businesses
ME1685 - Project Management for Small Businesses
ME1686 - Human Resources Fundamentals for Small Businesses
ME1687 - Leading and Managing for Small Businesses
ME192 - Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs
ME294 - Budgeting in a Nonprofit Organization
ME296 - How to Read a Nonprofit Financial Statement
ME297 - Leadership in a Nonprofit Organization
ME298 - Nonprofit Board and Volunteer Development
ME299 - Principles of Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
ME300 - Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations
ME310 - Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ME311 - Business Law for Entrepreneurs
ME313 - Strategic Marketing for Entrepreneurs
ME314 - Leadership and Management for Entrepreneurs
ME322 - Introduction to Critical Thinking
ME323 - Personal Creativity
ME324 - Creativity in Teams and Organizations
ME325 - Innovation in Teams and Organizations
ME336 - Compensation and Benefits
ME337 - Employee Selection
ME338 - Performance Management
ME339 - Equal Employment Opportunity
ME340 - Talent Management and Career Development
ME379 - Introduction to Human Resource Management
ME38 - Leading and Managing Change
ME44 - Introduction to Negotiations
ME583 - Handling Difficult Employee Behavior
ME654 - Capital Campaigns
ME732 - Introduction to Grant Writing
ME868 - Introduction to Nonprofit Management
ME895 - Communicating Collaboratively
PBAAI - Accelerated AI Marketing Mastery
PBAIB - AI Mastery For Business Leaders
PBCBF - Strategic Communication
PBCBW - Effective Business Communication and Writing
PBHRI - Workplace Investigation Essentials
PBMBA - Essentials of Business Analysis
PBMFS - Fundamentals of Supervision
PBMIS - Interpersonal Success in the Workplace
PBMME - Developing Your Managerial Effectiveness
PBPCD - Public Speaking: Personal & Professional
POMLA - Thinking & Acting Like a Manager
POMLB - Motivating Your Team
POMLC - How to Build Effective Teams
POMLD - Personality & Leadership
POMLE - Positive Conflict Resolution
POMLF - Enhancing Employee Performance
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