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Strategic planning within the construction industry; emphasis on strategically formulating, implementing, and evaluating cross functional decisions that enable construction businesses and construction managers to achieve organizational goals.


This course runs on an several week term. It is not self-paced, but follows a weekly schedule. Check section information for exact weekly term information.

Credit is awarded from LSU–Baton Rouge

Eligibility: Students enrolled in a degree program at the LSU Baton Rouge campus or in an LSU Online degree program are not eligible to take these courses through Online Distance Learning.

Online Format: seven week enrollment period; 7 modules 2 exams

Tuition and Fees

Special Requirements: a computer with reliable internet access, a webcam, and a headset or speakers, and a microphone.

You are also responsible for purchasing separately the required textbooks and any additional required materials for this course.

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Section Title
Company Strategic Planning
Online, fixed date
Oct 16, 2023 to Dec 04, 2023
Delivery Options
Online Term-Based  
Course Fee(s)
CM 4223 credit (3 units) $866.00
Available for Credit
3 units
  • Kimberley Williams
Section Notes

Next course offering: October16, 2023–December 4, 2023

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