Course Description

Every communication that bears your name is your personal representative to the world. What do your emails, letters, and memos say about you? Develop the communication skills necessary to thrive in a professional setting and learn how to build stronger work relationships, communicate your message to people at every level, and use methods and tools available to gain the most from your communication efforts.

• Identify the needs and understand the interpersonal styles of the people you are communicating with and gain knowledge to organize your thoughts, articulate your message, and identify the best means of delivering your message.
• Learn how to successfully connect with a variety of people at different levels in the organization by using multiple methods and business tools that are vital to an organization’s success.
• Expand communications intelligence by developing a mastery of business speaking, social media/technology in the workplace, and professional online presence.
• Develop and apply successful communication strategies to inform, persuade, and motivate others.

This course is a part of the Business Communication Certificate Program. Courses are open to all participants, not just those pursuing a certificate program.

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English Proficiency Requirements

Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education (CE) courses and programs offered online through LSU Online & Continuing Education typically include a combination of lecture and discussion as well as reading and writing assignments. You need an adequate command of English in all skill areas (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) to participate in classes.

If English is not your native language, you must meet one of the English language proficiency requirements below to be successful in our CE programs. If you intend to register for a CE course or program, you can determine whether you meet English proficiency requirements by self-assessment prior to enrolling. We want to empower you, the learner, to progress successfully. Completing this self-assessment will enable you to make a good decision on whether you can complete one of our programs.

Intermediate English Skills

Most CE professional development courses and programs require at least intermediate English skills, which are equivalent to a B2 level of English language proficiency on the Self-Assessment Form. When assessing yourself, be sure to read through each of the categories under Column B2 to make sure you meet proficiency requirements.

Advanced English Skills

Online Distance Learning courses and microcreds are for-credit courses and might require more advanced English skills, equivalent to a C1 level on the Learner Self-Assessment Form. Be sure to read through each of the categories under Column C1 to make sure you meet proficiency requirements.

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