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Of all the management challenges, conducting an internal investigation is arguably the most difficult task to undertake. Legal, ethical and practical considerations demand the investigator to consider investigative methodology, human psychology, scientific reasoning, legal mandates, employee relations considerations, the role of written reports, and potential liability as we respond to employee relations problems as diverse as accusations of discrimination, harassment, theft and bullying. Managers must be prepared to investigate and resolve these issues quickly and appropriately to minimize damage and liability and move the business forward. This information-filled seminar will provide participants with the knowledge and skill needed to conduct a complete, impartial and timely investigation into any type of employee relations incident.

Major topics to be covered include:
  • Basics of Workplace Investigations
  • Steps to a successful investigation: From the decision to investigate to the written report; Common mistakes committed during investigations; Methods for gathering information, including how to interview all parties; Documenting and evaluating the findings, and taking action.
  • Human Behavior: Science, Psychology, Perception, Eye Witness Reliability & Deceit Detection Human perceptual processes and how those processes affect our interpretations of information and our behavior; Factors influencing eye witness reliability and how to improve the accuracy of eye witness reports; Behavioral evidence suggesting deceit and how we can improve deceit detection.
  • Typical Workplace Complaints: Issues, Accusations, and Recommendations Key laws and legal concepts related to the most frequent employee relations problems; Elements and perspective unique to investigating accusations of discrimination, sexual harassment, workplace theft, threats & violence, bullying, and drug & alcohol use; Preventative and remedial actions companies should take.
  • Managing Employee Relations Recommended workplace policies and practices to guide better employee relations; Investigative documentation and reports; Topics and practices affecting employee relations and sample cases.
This course is ideal for:
  • Supervisors and managers who may be asked to conduct employee relations investigations
  • Human resource and employee relations professionals
  • Business leaders and owners

Instructor: Courtland M. Chaney, a licensed industrial/ organizational (I-O) psychologist and certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), served as an instructor in the Department of Management at Louisiana State University from 1983 until the end of 2010. He has designed and conducted supervisory and management development programs for LSU Continuing Education since 1984. Courtland has worked as a consultant in the fields of I-O psychology, organizational development and change, and human resources management since 1984 under the business name of Human Resource Management Associates, Inc.

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Workplace Investigation Essentials
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8:30AM to 4:00PM
Oct 08, 2024 to Oct 09, 2024
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  • Louisiana State University
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