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Interpersonal Success in the Workplace is offered by LSU Continuing Education’s Management & Leadership Institute. The program provides a fundamental and concentrated study of human behavior. This seminar is designed to help people understand and work effectively with other people, and to prepare individuals for working in groups and/or supervising others. This program will be valuable for new or aspiring supervisors, sales and customer service personnel, and others who must interact with people regularly in their work.

This 4-session seminar begins with an explanation of how individual personality patterns develop and how interpersonal perception and communication influence interpersonal dynamics. The program then provides an understanding of the role attitudes play in affecting workplace behavior. On the second day, attention focuses on the impact of these normal behaviors on group and team effectiveness and concludes with a detailed discussion of why personality characteristics are so important to workplace success.

Major topics to be presented include:

  • Understanding Human Behavior and Improving Interpersonal Skills
    • Learn about human needs and personality development, including the role of defense and coping mechanisms and how perceptual processes influence behavior.
  • Understanding the Role Attitudes Play in the Workplace
    • Understand how attitudes affect job behavior and learn ways of managing attitudinal and generational differences.
  • Individual, Interpersonal and Group Dynamics Impacting Team Effectiveness
    • Understand and learn to manage individual, interpersonal and group dynamics affecting team performance.
  • Personality Matters: Personality Characteristics that Impact Workplace Behavior
    • Understand the role personality plays in influencing workplace behavior and how to work effectively with different types of people.

This course is ideal for:

  • New or aspiring supervisors, sales and customer service personnel, and others who must interact with people regularly in their work.
  • People who wish to prepare for working in groups and/or supervising others.

Key benefits of participation:

  • Learn how human needs influence behavior and how personality develops.
  • Understand how defense and coping behaviors affect relationships.
  • Learn how attitudes affect workplace conduct and how to manage human differences.
  • Develop insight into interpersonal and group dynamics and learn to manage group dynamics.
  • Examine the role personality plays in workplace behavior and learn how to work with different kinds of people.

For more information about this course, email Answers or call 833-280-5634.

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Interpersonal Success in the Workplace
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