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This free preview is self-paced. Your distinct management and leadership style is developed over time, and there are a number of ways that you find your authentic style. What does your personality, approach to task, communication style, and your willingness to grow and encourage others to grow have to do with being an effective leader? In a word, everything. This course will help you to discover your authentic self, determine which attributes you may wish to change, or grow, and give you the opportunity to do just that through your personal development plan. Be bold, embrace your future and your management and leadership potential.

Module 1: What Makes Us Who We are?
  • Identify the two types of personas
  • Identify the six major influencers on personality
  • Describe how your own personality has been shaped by at least two influencers

This course is a part of the Online Management and Leadership Series MicroCert. Courses are open to all participants, not just those pursuing the certificate program.

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This is a noncredit online self-paced course.

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Personality & Leadership
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