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This free preview is self-paced. Cloud Platforms are crucial to organizational performance, and a clear understanding of cloud computing is important. This course will introduce you to the basics of cloud computing, as well as how cloud computing applies to the DevOps process. The course considers best practices in migrating to a cloud platform and offers a high-level overview of various cloud platforms. You will learn what cloud computing is and how it relates to the larger DevOps culture.

Module 1: Principles of Cloud Computing
  • Define cloud computing
  • Explain the importance of cloud computing
  • Relate the DevOps culture to cloud computing

This course is a part of the DevOps: Cloud Platform MicroCert Courses are open to all participants, not just those pursuing the certificate program.

For more information about this course, email Answers or call 833-280-5634.

This is a noncredit self-paced course.

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Fundamentals of Cloud Platform
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Online self-paced
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