Course Description

After taking this three-hour course, the student will be able to identify the differences between information and intelligence in the homeland security enterprise while gaining a greater understanding of the national intelligence community. The student is given opportunities to take training blocks to further their understanding of suspicious activity and the legality of government agencies maintaining appropriate intelligence data. Finally, the student will be able to identify the historic need for an information-sharing environment between intelligence agencies and identify their fusion center based on their own brief research.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Identify key intelligence terms.
  • Differentiate between information and intelligence.
  • Define the purpose of the national Intelligence Community (IC).
  • Organize the steps of the intelligence cycle.
  • Recognize the need and capabilities that exist in the modern information sharing environment.
  • Identify information protection acts and constitutional protections that inform intelligence gathering, producing, and the maintaining of intelligence.


  • This online course requires access to a computer with internet access, email, an Internet browser (Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recommended), MS PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  • Online self-paced with two weeks to complete the course.

Courses are open to all participants, not just those pursuing the MicroCert or Certificate.

For more information about this course, email Answers or call 833-280-5634.


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Intelligence and Multi-Agency Partnerships
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