Course Description

Sustainable, value-driven development and customer satisfaction are crucial for the success of companies today. In order to make widespread organizational change, you need to adopt an agile mindset. But that can be a challenge for most organizations.

Mastering the Agile Mindset with Scrum is designed to help you align agile practices to your organization using the Scrum values, roles, and events. By using the Scrum framework, you will help improve your team’s transparency and performance by being able to inspect and adapt to new ideas and challenges. Working off of a Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog, you will learn how to use the Scrum framework to move your teams forward collectively, intentionally, and in predictable sprints to deliver the highest-value product efficiently.

The topics covered include: The Agile Mindset, Mastering Scrum, The Scrum Team, Prioritizing the Work, Planning & Delivering Sprints, Inspecting & Adapting with Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives, and Transitioning to Scrum.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Apply an agile mindset
  • Utilize the Scrum Framework for agile product delivery
  • Identify typical roles on an agile team
  • Plan and deliver products in iterative increments
  • Inspect and adapt using agile retrospectives
  • Motivate a team and stakeholders for effective agile management
  • Create an agile transformation plan for an organization


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This is a noncredit online self-paced course.

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