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Music Theory examines compositional elements such as rhythm, tempo, pitch, and dynamics. If music were a city you could visit, Music Theory is like the map - there's nothing wrong with visiting without a map. Most or all of us have at least listened to music all our lives so we already know our way around the city without the map on some level. All the things we can do with music can be enhanced by looking at and having a basic understanding of the map. When you play and sing music together with others, you must get together on the same streets somehow – knowing the map is one sure way to get and stay together. Here are some examples of why you might want to take this class: you sing in a choir and would like to better understand your parts, you would like to learn to play piano or another instrument or begin to understand written music for an instrument you currently play, you would like to play an instrument together with others. We will be learning music theory using small keyboards in a practical and fun way together. The goal is to have fun and be able to read, write, and play music using what we learn.


For more information about this course, contact: OLLI at LSU at 225-578-2500 or email OLLI@outreach.lsu.edu

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Music Theory for Beginners
11:30AM to 1:30PM
Sep 25, 2023 to Oct 30, 2023
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OLMUSIC non-credit $45.00 Click here to get more information
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