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Additional theory with emphasis on solution chemistry and a quantitative approach; descriptive chemistry of selected elements and compounds from the main groups and the first transition series.


Credit is awarded from LSU–Baton Rouge

Online Format: six-month open enrollment period; 7 modules 2 exams

This is an Integrative Learning Core (ILC) course that awards general education credit.

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Special Requirements: a computer with reliable internet access, a webcam, and a headset or speakers, and a microphone.

You are also responsible for purchasing separately the required textbooks and any additional required materials for this course.

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CHEM 1201 or CHEM 1421. Credit will not be given for both this course and CHEM 1422. For science/engineering curricula. Continuation of CHEM 1201. 

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General Chemistry II
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CHEM 1202 credit (3 units) $866.00
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3 units
  • Gerald Schneider
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