Course Description

What You'll Learn in the Accelerated AI Marketing Mastery Course:

Learn how to use AI tools with maximum efficiency while getting optimal results. In our 6-week accelerated training, you'll learn to master Dynamic Prompt Sequencing™, Brand Voice DNA™, and prompt scaling.

You'll become a master at using our AI Strategy Canvas™ to engineer a scalable prompting framework throughout your organization. This is the secret to scaling AI adoption in your organization and accelerating your understanding of AI prompting.

You'll be able to streamline your content creation process, ensuring it's efficient, consistent, and aligned with your brand standards.

You'll no longer be overwhelmed by content creation challenges, and you'll be empowered to drive better marketing strategies and execution, ultimately leading to dramatically improved business results.

Week-by-Week Marketing Skills Track

Learn to strategically scale AI adoption in this comprehensive 6-week, immersive and hands-on training. Each week builds on the previous, and after every session you'll be able to immediately put to use the skills you learn.

  • Week 1: Establishing an AI Framework
  • Week 2: Buidling a Prompt Database and Developing Target Personas
  • Week 3: Defining Your Company Indentity & Your Competitive Edge
  • Week 4: Using an AI Role, Crystallizing Your Brand Essence & Defining Brand Voice DNA
  • Week 5: AI in Visual Marketing and Content Generation
  • Week 6: Creating Custom GPTs & Putting it All Together

What's included?

  • 12 hours of live instruction (a $4,200 value)
  • 6 hours of weekly live office hours to answer questions (a $2,100 value)
  • 2 months access to our AI OPTICS™ Certified Mastermind Community (a $2,500 value)
  • Our Advanced Marketer prompt database (a $477 value)

Discounts available:

  • $3,479 with a $500 discount if enrolled before 3/29/2024 at 11:59 PM. Discount code MARCH500
  • $3,400 for 2-4 enrollees (Call or email Lisa Verma for to apply group discounts: 225-578-4316 or laverma@lsu.edu)
  • $2,800 for 5-11 enrollees (Call or email Lisa Verma for to apply group discounts: 225-578-4316 or laverma@lsu.edu)

Who is This Training For?

This online, immersive program is tailored specifically for business professionals who want to master AI skills and accelerate the adoption of AI throughout their organization.

It is specifically designed for those seeking hands-on training and focused application of AI technologies in their business operations. It is not for those seeking a basic or theoretical understanding of AI. It's for those who want to learn and apply skills using their own company for real-world application.

  • Business Owners: Achieve greater efficiency in AI implementation and content strategy, streamlining marketing efforts.
  • Marketing Managers and Directors: Develop scalable AI content strategies across the organization.
  • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Fractional CMOs: Gain advanced AI marketing insights for strategic decision-making.
  • Marketing Consultants: Learn cutting-edge AI applications for diverse client strategies.
  • Content Strategists and Creators: Create AI-driven content plans tailored to specific business goals.
  • Digital Marketing Specialists: Utilize AI for targeted, efficient digital campaigns.
  • Sales Managers: Leverage AI insights for enhanced sales strategies and customer engagement.
  • Social Media Managers: Integrate AI tools for dynamic content creation and audience interaction.
  • Brand Managers: Manage and enhance brand presence using AI insights.
  • SEO Specialists: Apply AI for improved content relevance and online visibility.
  • Product Managers: Incorporate AI insights for strategic product marketing.
  • Customer Experience Managers: Use AI to enhance customer interaction and satisfaction.

Meet the Instructor:

John Munsell is the co-founder of Bizzuka and CEO, an AI consulting firm focused on artificial intelligence strategy, training, and implementation. With a career spanning over 25 years in marketing, software development, financial services, and sales, John brings a wealth of experience to AI upskilling.

John serves as the Adjunct Instructor of Artificial Intelligence at Louisiana State University, contributing to the academic field while leading Bizzuka. His work centers on helping enterprise leadership teams develop AI competency frameworks and upskill their workforce.

John is the creator of the AI Strategy Canvas™, a fundamental methodology for seamlessly integrating AI technologies across various business departments. Through his corporate training programs and the CXO AI Roundtable, John has personally trained over 200 corporate executives and managers, equipping them with practical AI skills to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and foster innovative new product development.

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